Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Part 2 setting up the Windows side of Shared folders in VirtualBox

In this video I will show you haow to complete the Windows side of sharing you Ubuntu home folder with Windows XP


Anonymous said...

great guide. Thanks very much! I was looking for this

Anonymous said...

Part 1 was viewable, but part 2 wouldn't
play for me. It appears they both use
the same file format "flv" so I don't
know why part 2 doesn't play. Please
check into this. Thanks.

Dai said... failed to convert part 2 into .flv I've asked them to re-convert it

Unknown said...

Bless you! This and Part One were great and really helped me.

Unknown said...

Looks like part 2 has still not been converted...I was not able to view it..and I really needed it :(

Dai said...;fromSeriesID=365#
go heare to view it until I get theother host sorted out

Velicia said...

Wonderful guide! Exactly what I needed!

Anonymous said...

Diolch yn fawr Dai

very good vids !