Friday, 30 November 2007

Scribus Tables

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How to use and Cutomize tables in Scribus You can also see this video at ShowMeDo


Unknown said...

Hey, thanks for the tutorial ... I've been using Scribus for a few years now, but I'd never used tables and really couldn't figure it out (I never would have guessed they behave the way they do ... "Ungroup" cells !!??!). Scribus certainly has a pretty fiddly way of handling tables (it really just looks like a macro for generating a grid of text boxes), but despite the pain it is quite flexible.


Anonymous said...

Nice tutorial.

I tried to change borders colors for the table, but unfortunately the Colors tab is grayed out. The only solution is to ungroup the table change the colors (for all frames at once) and group frames again.

Tedious, but works.

My Scribus is 1.3.4.

Any idea what may be causing this?

Dai said...

it's because you are using 1.3.4
it is still in development and has a few bugs in it. try using that is the version I am currently using and it seems quite stable not to many bugs.

Michel said...

Thanks for this interesting tutorial. It would nice to show how to add text in a "cell"

Anonymous said...

Very nice tutorial. It just i was looking for about using tables in scribus!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, very useful tutorial :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making these tutorials! On Scribus, I'm using a table to make a checklist for printing. The text come out when I print but not the table. I tried to change the color of the lines without any success. Any suggestions? Merci!

girlsnglasses said...

Thank you. I'm new to Scribus. Your tutorials are helping me figure it all out.

Unknown said...

Thank you Dai,

Your tutorials are great for learning Scribus,