Tuesday, 30 October 2007

audacity ubuntu 7.10 exportmp3

Click To Play how to export an mp3 file from Audacity in ubuntu gutsy 7.10


Anonymous said...

Your audio is too quiet. It was hard to hear what you were saying. Also, you didn't really get to what people are going to have a problem with. All you did is tell them where the option is, not how to get Lame. Right now I can't get lame to work and it would be nice if this tutorial started earlier, where you actually got lame.

I mean no offense, just some constructive criticism.

Dai said...

If you followed the movie about 3/4 the way through when you see looking for the file there is a button that says get lame use that to get Lame. If that does not work go into Administration>synaptic package manager and do a search for Lame then install it. It should work from there on in it did for me.

Batgranny said...

Thanks for this! I was having trouble exporting to mp3 despite having LAME installed and recognised. I didn't know you had to do the directory thing.