Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Portable screencasting

Video thumbnail. Click to play Click To Play Once movie starts to play double click it to view it full size.


Anonymous said...

Hello. I ran my semi-raw avi file through virtual dub compressing the video using the MSU codec and no audio compression on an XP machine. I then tried to play the video on Vista Ultimate, but the video doesn't play (only the sound). I'm playing your tutorial which does work in Vista. What are your settings (codec used) on the above tutorial?


Dai said...

when you say what settings I used for the video, do you mean CamStudio or VirtualDub. It could be a compatibility issue with Vista. My machine is XP and everything works fine. I have not tried it in Vista.
Just in case makes sure hardware accelaration is set to none when trying to view your video.

A video showing my settings is here: