Friday, 7 September 2007

CamStudio2.5 ShowMeDo settings

These are the settings I use to produce Screencasts for ShowMeDO Once movie starts to play double click it to view it full size.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dai

Nice tutorial.

One thing to bear in mind.

Only people who own Camtasia or related TechSmith product are able to encode using the TechSmith codec - otherwise all you can do is play videos that have been encoded with it.

Alternatives would be the MSU Screen Capture Lossless Codec or CamStudio's Lossless Codec


Dai said...

since when it's a free download off there site. as far as I know they have no objection to videos with CamStudio so long as they are not used for commercial purposes MSU have the same policy.
I personally would like to use MSU as it is the better codec but no-one supports it hosting vids on the net.

Dai said...

This what the techsmith (Camtasia site say's):
There are no charges, royalties or licensing requirements for distributing videos encoded with TechSmith video codecs or with distributing the codec to others for viewing.

Take note:

It makes no mention of how you encode a video or what program is used to encode a video. It just states that you are free to use the codec.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dai

Check this post out on the Techsmith forums:

(Granted the post is 3 years old, but nothing's change AFAIK)

I'm sure why the first poster is implying CamStudio is Techsmith's product, as it isn't.

Check out the answer from "dro085" ...

"As long as you have a registered copy of Camtasia Studio on your machine, you can encode/decode with the TSCC codec in an AVI format."

If you're encoding using the TSCC, you must have a registered copy of Camtasia on your machine.

Incidentally, I think about a year ago, one of the PC magazine gave away a legal copy of Camtasia 3 (not Studio) which would do the job too, as that's what I used before Camtasia Studio.


Nick :)

Anonymous said...

BTW, what software did you install so you could right click the title bar to resize the window?

That was cool!


Nick :)

Dai said...

And this is a post in a forum from a technichian as it makes no mention of this on the down load page. So different people apply different interpretations to what is said on the download page. There is absolutely no reason to offer a download if you have Camtasia. The codec and player can be sent to others as an exe if needed.

Dai said...

you can only get a license if you buy a techsmith product. but the down load page states.
There are no charges, royalties or licensing requirements for distributing videos encoded with TechSmith video codecs or with distributing the codec to others for viewing.

So if I don't need a license to distribute videos with a Camtasia codec then I don't need Camtasia.

There are no licensing requirements for distributing videos encoded with TechSmith video codecs and they offer the codec as a free download.

Robert Eilers said...

Where do you get the different codecs and where do you install them on your computer so they show up in the different programs like VD and CamStudio?

Dennis said...

I tried downloading the TechSmith video codec & this is error I got:

Please install TechSmith's Camtasia Studio screen recorder and video production tool. TSCC allows compression only if you have registered (or you are evaluating) Camtasia Studio.....

error code -4

Do you have any suggestions or other options that can bring the file size down?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the valuable information. I'm trying hard to learn all about codecs and compression and such and your video explained just what I needed to know.

Just a note to all those who do not have Camtasia so they can use the TechSmith video codec, I tired to download the "free download" of the codec from TechSmith and it would not work without a registered installation of Camtasia. However, I found a cheap way to get Camtasia.

Check out the For Dummies book "Cutting Edge PowerPoint." I found it while looking for a way to do multimedia projects cheaply. What I found was a full version of Camstasia 3. ON the back of the book you can see that the bonus CD contains "Full version of TechSmith's Camtasia 3." Not a bad buy for $25. :-)

Hope this helps.

Dai said...

KLite codec pack has a lot of the codecs you can install in one go.

Anonymous said...

Techsmith Codec

Terry Leigh Britton said...


As you probably know by now, you did not compensate for the "1 extra pixel" bug in Camstudio 2.5 that appears when using "Window" as the region. You have to set up Sizer to make the window one pixel smaller than the size you desire in both directions or the result will be a diagonally-skewed upload to YouTube and others (as you have actually created a video 801X601)
Make Sizer create a window sized at 799X599 and it will record the 800X600 you desired.

Terry Britton