Saturday 14 July 2007

InfraRecorder burning files to a disk

For this tute we show you how to burn your files to a disk Once movie starts to play double click it to view it full size.


Anonymous said...

A nice, but leisurely walk-thru. A 'quick-start' or textual description, for those of us who can read much faster than humans talk, would be a nice option.

Anonymous said...

Well I for one really appreciate the "leisurely" approach. It makes a very pleasant change to be able to follow the images and see exactly what is being done and having the time to listen and take in the audio instructions.
Thank you for a very helpful set of tutorials.

Anonymous said...

In a world where everything is getting faster and more complicated, I really appreciated the laidback approach. I'm about to send this page to a friend who never burnt a CD before, and I'm sure she will find the task easy.
Thanks you for this helpful tut.

Anonymous said...

This sure is a fine way to get me going & find my way in InfraRecorder quickly.But I still get lost further down the road in the Burning Compilation - Advanced settings :the Yamaha A.M.Q.R.burning method remains greyed out whatever I try. Who can tell me what is needed for burning an AMQR disc? Where can I find the explanation or tutorial? I downloaded InfraRecorder mainly for 2 reasons :1- to be able to burn quickly an image for audio files; 2- to burn AMQR discs.The second point still remains a secret to me unless you teach me how to to handle this.
Best rgds

Anonymous said...

i have problem to burn data (files).
if i have more than 8 folders, the followings folders are not burn...

what is wrong?
is there any solution?

i have tryed iso9660, version 2, rock ridge...but nothing really good.

some help?
thanks you