Thursday 31 May 2007

keepass change password

Click To Play Changing the master password for your keepass database Once movie starts to play double click it to view it full size.


Anonymous said...

I'm researching Keepass as a solution for my passwords. Liked seeing how to change the master password BEFORE I got the application and had to test on my own data. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thank you. I've been trying to find out whether or not you can change the password. You've helped me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dai

thanks for your videos it really help us a lot

i tested this keepass password safe latest release( and found some critical bugs so i want you people to look in to that once in ordr to make the next releases more user friendly..

so Please suggest me where to upload my bug report ...

Thanks in advance

mm said...

Hello Dai,

Thank you. This video helps me as the Menu/Options is not obvious for this task.

Thank you,